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The medium-term projects of the companies need a tailored support in terms of mobility and flexibility. The existing solutions so far - relocating a car from own fleet, buying a new car, short term rental, taking a bank credit, financial leasing or operational leasing - undoubtedly satisfy the need for mobility, but none of them offers the necessary flexibility for an average term of use (1-12 months), in correct cost conditions.

What is our solution? The Minilease subscription! This is a flexible, optimized alternative to other forms of car ownership. Our subscription model (long-term rental) offers consumers (companies, but also individuals) the opportunity to have the right car, for the needed time period and for the required number of kilometers. We strive to offer the best cost/flexibility ratio from all solutions offered on the market for periods less than 12 months. MiniLease takes full advantage of short-term rental benefits, but at significantly reduced costs.

Of course, the possibility of early return, without additional costs, is guaranteed!

Serviciul Minilease potrivit orcarui proiect!

The current requirement of companies does not only look at mobility itself, as the only need, but aims at "smart" mobility, by optimizing the costs of using the car. Mobility optimization is obtained by making the use of the car more flexible, with "all-inclusive" solutions, with the payment of a single fixed monthly fee. No large amounts immobilized in down-payments, no guarantees, no financial analysis and without being stuck in expensive, long-term, contractual arrangements. But, with the possibility to use exactly the car that is needed, only as much as is needed, which can be returned when it is no longer useful. MiniLease car subscription offers these benefits! What could be simpler? 




1. Flexibility

  • The car subscription is designed for both companies and individuals, being a format of long term rental
  • Clear and simple contract, with no promissory notes or down payment!
  • Payment of a monthly rent (subscription) only for the period in which the car is used, without residual values or other final payment obligations
  • Car fleet management optimization: the period of use, and the car class, can be configured individually for each car in the fleet
  • Possibility to switch the car, during the subscription period, with a car from another class

3. Operational Advantages

  • We eliminate the hassle of paying taxes
  • No wasted time managing insurances, taxes, overhauls and regular maintenance
  • MiniLease long-term rental flexibility fits best the dynamics of a business, compared to leasing or short-term rental, having the functionality of a subscription
  • Relatively new cars (less than 3 years old) that ensure a high degree of operation due to the reliability and low need for interventions

2. Financial Advantages

  • The rent is registered as a 100% tax deductible expense, without affecting the degree of indebtedness of the company.
  • Expenses for car repairs and maintenance, summer or winter tires, taxes, general road tax and insurance, are included in the monthly subscription (long term rent) so that there are no variations in costs from one month to another, being simple to manage
  • The expenses related to the use of cars are optimized by MiniLease so as to sum up a lower value than the one that the user would obtain individually, leading to savings during the subscription period.
  • By giving up the unused cars, and implicitly immobilized, the costs will be reduced as a result of readjusting the car subscription to reflect the new conditions of use.
  • Simple monthly payment: credit card, bank transfer, or direct debit

4. Additional Services

  • MiniLease Customer Service available 27/7
  • 24/7 national roadside assistance and replacement car for cases when your vehicle is immobilized more than 24 hours
  • Changing tires in winter-summer, or due to wear
  • Possibility to have 2 additional drivers for the car
  • You can buy the car you rented at any time, at an unbeatable price

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The speed and the depth of changes in the economic environment of recent years accelerate the tendency of companies to opt for mobility models that are as flexible and low risk as possible. The car subscription scheme offered by MiniLease provides a high degree of flexibility and transparency, being perfectly adapted to these requirements.

However, how does this car subscription differ from existing rental, credit or leasing offers, and what is its real advantage?

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Usually, if you need a car, there are five ways to get one: buying a new or used one, bank loan, financial leasing, operational leasing or short-term rental. There seem to be enough options, but none of them correctly cover the needs of a company with time-bound projects, which require mobility and punctual human resources (internal or external).

That's why MiniLease introduces an alternative: car subscription services (long-term rental). Basically, for a monthly fee that includes everything except the fuel you can benefit from one car, or more, without a contract that blocks you in the long run and without immobilizing your company's liquidity in substantial down payments. This type of subscription (long term rental) is by far the most cost effective. Why? Because it gives you the Flexibility to change the car according to the needs that arise over time. Because it offers you the Comfort to configure the subscription and manage it easily, depending on what you really need. Because it is Transparent, not hiding taxes or unpleasant surprises. Because it will not force you to negotiate, everything being established correctly from the very beginning. Because it generates cost savings by using the right car, only for the period you need.

The MiniLease subscription offers less commitment and more freedom due to periods that can be reduced to 1 month rental. There is no need for a credit score and approvals from financial institutions as is the case with leasing or credit. It does not immobilize the company's liquidity as it happens in the case of the direct purchase of a car.

Subscription schemes can be found under different names: flexible rental or long-term rental. The essential idea is that you have a car for as long as you want: from one month to several years. You can conclude the contract or you can change the car, subject to the conditions. While the lease (financial or operational) has a period of 1 to 5 years, with the payment of an advance ranging between 10% and 25%, the subscription has only a monthly fee, no advance (only with a guarantee which is the equivalent of one month's rent), and a minimum period of 1 month. The major difference occurs when we refer to the included services. The car subscription (long-term rental) offers everything you need (except fuel), and everything that leasing or owning a car does not offer. Everything included in the monthly tax: roadside assistance and 24/7 customer service, taxes paid, road tax paid, summer-winter tires and their exchange, car maintenance. But perhaps the most important aspect is that you do not need to make a long-term financial commitment, or pay a substantial initial amount. Your company's resources are not immobilized in mobility services. You can start and stop a MiniLease subscription very easily - for example, if you don't need a car for a few months.

Comparing the price of the subscription (long-term rental) with a leasing contract (whether operational or financial), or with a car loan, is not simple because they are quite different products. What is crucial is the total cost of ownership (CTD), once you add all the costs of running the car. Thus, although the monthly usage fee may initially seem uncompetitive to traditional leasing or credit, the total cost of ownership for the company is actually comparable when the down payment, insurance, taxes, tires, consumables and service, as well as the depreciation of the car are taken into account and put together with the period of use.

An analysis of the solutions that a company has at hand, to satisfy a specific need for mobility (generated, say, by a project, or a human resource for a certain period), shows us quite clearly the disadvantages of traditional options compared to car subscription:

  • Purchasing a car - is the less recommendable solution, given that most projects take place between 3 - 12 months. It involves the immobilization of liquidity, high consumption of resources for car management, low degree of car use (projects that require a car do not follow sequentially; there are usually breaks in which the car will be unused or will be used very little) - which involves a very high cost of owning the car;
  • Short-term rental - eliminates liquidity immobilization and offers the comfort of having the total management of the car performed by a third party (rental company). The biggest problem, however, is the total costs during the rental period. Short-term rental starts from the day, as a basis for calculation. When it comes to rentals exceeding 1 month, the cost becomes prohibitive, despite the benefits that are offered;
  • Bank credit - lacks flexibility, involves the immobilization of liquidity in the form of an advance (10-30%) and long-term commitments. As with the purchase of a car, there will be a consumption of resources for car management and, over time, a low degree of use of the means of transport (with many "dead" periods, which means zero benefits but with expenses). The cost of owning the car will be the highest of all solutions (due to the interest that is added to the actual operating costs);
  • Financial leasing - is similar to car loan, with the marginal advantage of lower rates if you opt for the residual rate (which can be up to 20% of the value of the car). Overall, however, it does not bring a better cost of owning the car than the credit;
  • Operational leasing - is the best option among the classic solutions because it includes, along with financing the car, a large part of its management which reduces the logistical effort on the part of the company. However… there are also disadvantages that can be major ones when we discuss the need for mobility for projects limited in time: down payment between 10% and 25% from the car value (liquidity immobilization for a car needed for a short period), guarantees in the form of promissory notes (equivalent to at least 6 installments), the existence of a contract of at least 12 months, limited roadside assistance (usually a long response and intervention time)

In contrast to the above options, the car subscription offers in the medium-term perspective (up to 12 months) the advantages that none of them can offer. But rather than a business, the value of a car subscription is the cost that you do not hire financially in the long run, as well as maximum flexibility in managing the use of rented cars (model, period, kilometers).

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Sincer sa fiu aceasta companie cred ca e cu mult peste cele cu prestigiu. Eu colaborez cu ei de mai bine de 3 ani și sunt foarte mulțumit, o singura data mi sa întâmplat sa nu îmi aducă mașina rezervata, dar agentul a fost foarte drăguț în explicarea situației și a venit cu o mașină mult mai buna. A, să nu uit am observat ca pt clienții care au mai închiriat de la ei, îți oferă și o reducere ceia ce e foarte bine țineți-o tot asa din punctul meu de vedere sunteți cei mai buni. 👍👍👍
Robert Wilkinson
A very good choice, with no hidden costs, friendly staff. I think they have the best prices
Mario Mitran
En mi caso se portaron muy bien y no tuve que esperar para recoger el coche ni para entregar. Me entregaron el coche en perfecto estado y muy limpio y el personal muy amable y educado. Muy profesional. Yo estoy contento con el servicio que ofrecen.
Mihaita Brosteanu
Found the car rental company by chance via Google and I couldn't be more pleased with the services offered. Considering I was travelling within 24 hours they were able to provide a car for me very last minute. Staff was very friendly and professional and all for a bargain. Thank you very much again and hoping to rent from you again in the very near future!
Melinda Morris
Am închiriat de două ori de la ei, sunt buni, jos pălăria. Ultima oară am fost plecat in afara țări cu mașina și a fost super ok. Recomand cu încredere.
Cezar Bucur

Intrebari frecvente si raspunsuri

To rent a car from MIniLease you need two identification documents: Identity card/passport and driving license. Copies of documents or photos will be sent via e-mail to [email protected], or will be made upon delivery of the car. Also, you need the original documents for signing the contract.

Don't worry! It happens to the best of us. If you encounter any technical / mechanical problem of the car, or you are part of an accident, please call immediately the contact number of our company (+40 762135800). Please try to keep calm as our team intervenes to solve the problem.

The car can be delivered to any address in Bucharest and in the available locations. You can find them on our website, as well. For delivery to any other location, an extra fee will be paid which will be communicated when booking the car.

To extend the rental period of the car, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or contact by phone the MiniLease Customer Support service, at phone number +40 762135800, available non-stop.
The quickest way to cancel your booking is by sending an e-mail to our customer support service at [email protected], or by phone at +40 762135800.

The displayed price is the final price you will pay! It includes the number of kilometers you have opted for, insurances, road tax, roadside assistance in Romania 24/7, car maintenance for regular or unscheduled interventions (failures), summer / winter tires, replacement car if original car is blocked in service for more than 24 hours, additional drivers, as well as dedicated MiniLease Customer Support with 24/7 online and telephone program.

According to our rental contract you may add up to 2 additional drivers for free. If you choose so, we require copies (or photos) of the driver’s licenses and passports (or ID) of all drivers that are using the car.

In order to travel to other countries with the rented car, you need to notify us in advance, by email at [email protected] or by contacting the MiniLease Customer Support service by phone (+40 762135800). We will provide you with the necessary power of attorney and insurance.

The guarantee is a cash deposit related and specific to the rented car, representing the value of the first installment of the subscription. The role of the guarantee is to cover the deductible part of the car insurance, in case of event, and/or any differences that may occur in case of returning the car before the end of the contractual period (by changing the initial subscription with a subscription that better suits the actually used period). The guarantee can be paid in cash, or by card, and is returned at the end of the rental period if it has not been used. In case the guarantee is used during the rental period, it will have to be brought to the initial value.

The subscription is concluded for a car, period, and a specific number of kilometers. If you want to change the car, this can be done by early terminating the subscription in progress and starting a new one for the desired car, period and number of kilometers. Send an email to [email protected] with the following information: the link with the desired car from our car fleet and the period for which the new subscription is desired. The Minilease Customer Support Service will contact you to confirm the availability of the chosen car, the financial information regarding the new long term subscription, the payment differences for the old subscription (if applicable) and the possible date for the exchange. Handing over the old car and taking over the new one will be done at the same time. The new car can be taken for a minimum period of 1 month (minimum subscription period). 

Being a long-term rental, with special conditions regarding the price and the services offered by the subscription, the minimum rental period (1 month) does not allow the change of the car until its expiration.

Absolutely! Unused miles can be transferred to the following months of the subscription. What will matter are the miles traveled throughout the subscription period. However, the kilometers cannot be transferred to other subscriptions, even if it is an extension, modification of the existing one.

No problem! After you return the car, we will send you a separate invoice. The monthly subscription contains a number of 3,000 km. Kilometers exceeding this threshold will be charged with the amount of 12 euro / 100km (VAT not included). Simply correct!

Yes, the car must be picked up in person by the person who made the reservation and, in the case of a vehicle from a group of vehicles, by the most frequent driver. Please bring the identity card with which you made the reservation as well as a valid driving license for identification purposes.

MiniLease means flexibility. That is why we can offer you a delivery-pick-up package directly to the desired address, free of charge for the locations where we operate (Bucharest, Sibiu, Bacau and Craiova)! In case of delivery to another location, please contact MiniLease Customer Service either by email [email protected] or by phone at +40 762135800. Please have your driver's license ready for identification.

Please do not forget to return the vehicle with a tank full of fuel, undamaged, cleaned (washing and vacuuming the vehicle), with all keys, components and associated documents

MiniLease cars could be marked, but very discreetly. You can find our logo on the license plate holder and/or a small sticker on the back of the car. Because it should feel like your personal car, you can remove this mark at any time.

We will make every effort to ensure that you receive exactly the selected car. If this is not possible, you will receive a similar car, with small differences that will keep mainly the color. "

Fit and healthy! Our offer consists of vehicles as good and young as us. Most of our cars are less than 2 years old and have less than 50,000 km driven. The maximum age is 3 years, the maximum mileage being 80,000 km

Please contact us either in writing, at [email protected], or by phone (+40 762135800), to be scheduled for periodic inspection (indicated by the car's computer), or for tire replacement. Please consider an interval of 10 working days between the moment of notification and the moment when you will be scheduled for the intervention. If, for objective reasons (identification of additional repairs to your car), the car will be immobilized for more than 24 hours, you will benefit from another car for free exchange. However, we cannot guarantee that it will be the same class as your car. We also reserve the right, in case you do not request a periodic inspection or replacement of tires, and based on our records, to contact you for their scheduling. Your safety is our priority!

Of course! Simply contact us at [email protected] and we will send you a correct offer, at an unbeatable price!

Do you want to give up? Nothing easier! This is the major difference between the MiniLease subscription, a long term rental, and other forms of owning a car: operational leasing, financial leasing, acquisition, short-term rental, etc. The possibility to stop the subscription! After the minimum duration of the subscription period (1 month), you can cancel the contract at any time. All you have to do is send us an e-mail at [email protected] allowing a notification period of at least 10 working days before termination. We will map the actual used period within the subscription that best fits it. The cost of the rental will be recalculated